I was born May 25, 1982 - which makes me 37 years old at the moment.

I have never lived anywhere but the Southeastern US. I have brown eyes.

I am 5 ft 4 in tall. Despite the fact I am the oldest, I am shorter than my
younger siblings. I nearly died being born.

I am fascinated by the supernatural. I believe love can withstand anything,

if both people want it enough. I prefer animals to humans...with a few

exceptions. I love to travel - but I've only managed to go to North
Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, Mexico, Virginia,
Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California. I want to visit Ireland, England,

New Zealand, Canada, and a few other places before I die.

I hate liars, thieves, annoying angsty teen dramas (however hilarious
they may be), and drug abuse, sexual abuse, and general stupidity and
arrogance. I consider myself a (terrible) artist. I have an addiction to music. I
try to be honest, even if it's not necessarily kind. I can be a loud
mouth. I can also be so silent you don't know I am there. I change my
hair color like a madwoman. I love piercings, as long as they don't get
tacky. I love tattoos, as long as they don't get tacky. I have an oral
fixation...guard your pens. I hate snakes and spiders, and a few insects. I can't stand
extremely hot or cold temperatures. I prefer Halloween over all holidays.

I have a disability, but thankfully something I will one day be able to manage

well enough to get away from social security disability...one more surgery to go!

I have been able to go back to work part time to get myself used to doing so again,

and I honestly can't wait to be back in the world fully.